Surah Al-Kawther : My Reflections

1. Remember Allah’s Belessings.

In the first ayah Allah swt doesn’t mention the trials and tough times our prophet  salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam was going through. Rather Allah talks about the gifts he has given to our prohet salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam: the abundant good.

When you are afflicted with calamity, stop focusing on what you’ve lost. Shift your focus on all the good Allah has given you. And know that this will be over soon but the reward you’ll get for being patient will be forever and more relieving.

2. Be Grateful.

Immediately after reminding favours, Allah commands to us to worship.

“Thus it is as if He by His saying “Fa sallee li-rabbika wa-anhar” is saying, “We have granted you abundant good, and have blessed you with that cause of your establishing those two forms of worship for Us, out of thanks for Our giving you that blessing. Such that these two are the cause of Our blessing you with that good. Therefore establish them for Us”.

So the Prayer and the Sacrifice are encircled by a grant of blessing that precedes them, and a grant of blessing that follows on from them.”

-Ibn Taymiyyah.

3. Worship With Ikhlaas:

In the 2nd ayah Allah commands to pray. Not  ‘Shukr’ But ‘Salah and Sacrifice’. So, praying and sacrficing for the sake of Allah alone is the most complete way of showing gratitude to Allah The Most High.

4. Staying Steadfast:

The last ayah, tells us how the ones who were ridiculing Prophet salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam are cut off from any good. The abundant goodness are for the ones who are constantly patient, steadfast and, who believe and do good. So, when you are mocked or insulted stay steadfast and strong.

5. Humiliated is the one whom Allah humiliates:

When people say bad words to you on your face or behind your back, know that their swearing affects and insults none but them alone. Reply them with Salam and just turn away from them. You might be doing the best work with the best intensions but even then people are going to talk.

Whenever you encounter such situation recall the trials of our Prophet salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam when this Surah was revealed.

6. Only the good done for Allah’s sake is going to last:

Even today people yearn for a male child because they think their children is their legacy. But Allah The All-Wise has perished those who used to take pride in their children. How many centuries have passed since Abu Bakr r.a died or Umar Ibn Khattab r.a. or Aisha r.a or Fatima r.a or Ali r.a. have died but they live on, in our hearts.

We remember and love them because of their love for Allah and not because they left behind the great wealth, children or kingdom..